We are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare technology

Blitz interview with Nikola Apostolov, CEO, Tiger Health Technology
November 21, 2023

Why have you decided to take the leading role at Tiger Health Technology?

I have chosen to take on the leading role at Tiger Health Technology because I firmly believe that innovation thrives when like-minded individuals come together to tackle challenges rather than making excuses. Throughout my career, I've been dedicated to innovative projects, and I've witnessed first-hand the power of collaborative, forward-thinking teams. What drew me to Tiger Health is not only the visionary technology outlook that Alex Lefterov brings but also the exceptional group of individuals I have the privilege of working with. Together, we're poised to drive ground-breaking change in the healthcare technology landscape.

What are the strategic goals of the new company?

We are facing a big challenge in the digital transformation of healthcare related to big data sets of unstructured data and our strategy is fully dedicated to solving it. Our first strategic goal is to continue developing our platform, Health BRIDGE, by adding new products to solve specific problems for our customers. The second goal is to build a high-performance team dedicated to supporting cloud and AI adoption in healthcare. Lastly, the third goal is to establish Tiger Health Technology as a prominent player in the digital pathology and healthcare sector.

Where do you envision Tiger Health Technology in 3 years?

In three years, I envision Tiger Health Technology poised to become a global frontrunner in the healthcare technology sector, driving transformative changes across the industry. With our forward-thinking vision and technology, we are well-positioned to actively contribute to nationwide strategies aimed at managing the exponential growth of data exchange between application leaders, leading cloud providers, and healthcare facilities. By aligning with their objectives and complementing their visions, we are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare technology.
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