Tiger Health Technology is on a mission to improve patients' outcomes

Blitz interview with Ivo Kanev, VP Product, Tiger Health Technology
November 28, 2023

What kind of platform is Health Bridge?

Health Bridge is a data lifecycle management platform that currently includes four separate products – DataCare, DICOMvert, ClickShare, and AppConnect. Each of these products serves a specific purpose, and when combined, they deliver immense value for both healthcare institutions and, ultimately, the patients. At Tiger Health Technology, we strongly believe that digital transformation in healthcare, especially in pathology, can significantly speed up if we address the prohibitive costs for most healthcare organizations. Our unique technology enables all players in healthcare to store tens of petabytes of unstructured medical data and run AI on it at a fraction of the cost. How is that possible? Through a non-disruptive, extremely intelligent hybrid-cloud solution software that monitors every byte of your data without disrupting mission-critical workflows, which in healthcare means saving human lives.

Why is it so needed right now?

There are tens or even hundreds of innovative products and solutions aiming to address the challenges and opportunities in digital pathology. We need to ensure that hospitals and healthcare organizations benefit from these without incurring unbearable costs for storage and cloud computing. Moreover, the adoption of AI products for diagnostic purposes could positively impact pathologists' current workload and eventually shorten the time for patients to get a final diagnosis and start targeted therapy. Tiger Health Technology is on a mission to improve patients' outcomes by providing a set of products that enable everyone in healthcare to adopt cloud and AI, significantly saving costs, and improving their return on investment.

How do you build a high-performance product team?

I see the role of the product manager changing and evolving like never before. Newly formed product management teams welcome subject matter experts and growth advisors, who complement each other and form an extended product team. I firmly believe in irreplaceable skills, and I would like to ensure that everyone at Tiger Health Technology reaches an expert level in the industry so that every decision we make is with healthcare professionals and patients in mind.
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