Key trends in the digital transformation of healthcare: operationalizing medical information, digital end-to-end processes, and cloud utilization

December 24, 2023

What trends characterize the digital transformation of hospitals?

The top 3 trends from Swiss hospitals' perspective are: operationalization of medical information, digital end-to-end processes, and cloud usage. There are all kinds of challenges when it comes to operationalization of medical information - leveraging data standards for interoperability and general usage, data quality during collection, governance - just to name a few. Healthcare based on data is envisioned globally as the next evolution step, but yet to be reached on a larger scale. Digital end-to-end processes like patient journeys, medical research, PROM/PREM, logistics and supply chain are the blood system of healthcare. The more we optimize these processes, the better we operate. Last but not least, cloud usage - not only for storing data, but most importantly for enabling physicians with new tools and methods to decipher and work with medical information.

What attributes are essential from a digital health solution vendor partnering with hospitals?

All digital solutions we deploy have one (over-simplified) goal - to support the physicians and their patients. Therefore, vendor partners need to understand the business in and out. Almost every hospital doesn't look for a particular technology solution, it searches for a solution to a certain business problem. This requires understanding of market trends, current issues, and more targeted research towards potential clients.

What are the key considerations in the digital pathology evolving landscape?

Digital pathology is a somewhat new discipline but already with an immense impact on healthcare services. The two main considerations are - storing the data and using the data. The sheer amount of physical pathology samples which need to be digitized, is pushing the on-prem infrastructure limits in almost every healthcare system. Regulatory changes enforcing long term storage worsen the issue even more. The cloud space is a practical solution to this. It also can provide a solution to the second consideration - how to leverage emerging technologies like AI in pathology. AI requires infrastructure resources that almost no hospital can operate at scale. In addition to that, the major cloud vendors like Microsoft, Google and AWS have built ecosystems with products and services that can be used to further develop panthology as one of the central healthcare disciplines.
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