Bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud solutions to drive innovation and efficiency in healthcare data management

Blitz interview with Alexander Lefterov, CEO, Tiger Technology
November 15, 2023

What problem are you aiming to solve in healthcare?

With nearly two decades of success in managing large datasets across various industries, we are now directing our expertise towards healthcare, particularly in the field of digital pathology. Healthcare, including digital pathology, is at a critical stage where strategic decisions about data management are essential. We are determined to leverage our expertise and cross-industry experience to address these challenges. Our goal is to bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud solutions, connecting both worlds to drive innovation and efficiency in healthcare data management.

What sets your technology apart and makes it unique?

Our technology stands out due to its specialization in mission-critical, high-performance environments. It effectively resolves data management challenges while seamlessly integrating with existing on-premises workflows. This is particularly vital in the healthcare industry, where workflows are mission-critical. Everything connected with the life and health of the patients is mission-critical.

Why have you decided to spin off Tiger Health Technology?

Our core IT technology has broad applicability in various sectors and industries. We recognized the opportunity to provide even more value by customizing solutions to address specific challenges in healthcare. To streamline our focus and support our global expansion efforts, we made the strategic decision to create Tiger Health Technology as a distinct entity and open an office in Basel – one of the world's thriving healthcare ecosystems.
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