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We give you Health BRIDGE - the software platform for lifecycle management of your unstructured medical data to support cloud and AI adoption.
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How big is your unstructured data?

Think beyond radiology... The growth of digital pathology data is remarkable and it’s not just about storage capacity. It’s also about accessibility and the transformative potential of AI augmentation.

Think about your hybrid
strategy in digital pathology

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Why hybrid strategy?

Unlock the potential of your growing unstructured medical data​
Archive petabytes of medical data to the cloud​
Enable multi-site sync for a multi-disciplinary approach​
Gain easy access to cloud AI/ML for clinical decision support

The technology you need to move forward

Our software integrates at the level of the file system and/or network share.

It distributes data between your file system and cloud tiers based on user defined policies and access patterns while preserving access to the data.

With the benefits you deserve

No disruption
No vendor lock-in
No complexity
Cost optimization

Our technology brings you a platform of solutions

Health BRIDGE ensures medical data is properly stored, intelligently tiered, and available at all times wherever you are.
From storage and network to cost and tiering, our data visualization product constantly monitors the performance and cost-effectiveness of your infrastructure.
Our solution converts proprietary medical imaging formats into DICOM, preserving image integrity and diagnostic value, ensuring future-proof interoperability.
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Quickly and securely share medical images with your colleague next door or a pathologist on the other side of the world, optimizing workflows and diagnostic times for second opinion.
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Choose from tens of AI products already integrated or bring any of your choice and connect them to your Health Bridge, getting the most out of your data to make better decisions.

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Why Tiger Health Technology?

Tiger Health Technology is a company of Tiger Technology, an experienced technology provider with 20 years of expertise in addressing mission-critical storage challenges across various industries.
Our core specialization is healthcare data lifecycle management, and the primary focus is digital pathology. Leveraging the profound expertise and track record of Tiger Technology, we are well-positioned to provide proven solutions that align with the evolving strategic trends in healthcare.

Because we value...

Visionary Technology
Trustworthy People
Problem Solving

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